Once Upon A Night…

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By  Zarqa Javed

France and Switzerland played the Semi-Quarterfinals match on 29 June 2021 in the National Arena Stadium. The match was incredible, not many of us thought the World Cup winners of 2018 will succumb to Switzerland. The game was plot-twisting, with the help of Mario Gavranovich and Kylian Mbappe. The match started well. In the fifteenth minute, the Swiss team gave the game its opening goal. It was a header by Haris Seferovic which went under Lloris’ hand as he fell to his right to save the team. The Swiss team celebrated and the fans cheered on top of their lungs.

Kylian was seen stressed in the match. France got an early free-kick, which was taken by him {Kylian Mbappe}. The French kick was stopped by the Swiss wall. Mbappe gave the ball another shot but it went to a different directing and didn’t net in. In the 42nd minute too, he was seen taking the ball with full speed, tripped but still gave a long kick to the ball, but the ball wasn’t ready to go in. The first half ended with a score of 1-0; Switzerland was leading. The plot of the game twisted in the second half where the Swiss showed the French, not to underestimate them.

The second half started with more energy. Pavard went aggressive on Zuber. The Swiss player was seen falling in the penalty area and the ref declared it as a foul. Switzerland missed its penalty in the game minutes, which was taken by Rodriguez. Again in the 55th minute, a stressed and nervous Mbappe was witnessed by everyone, he missed a shot which would have been a perfect lead for France. In the 57th minute, the game saviour Karim Benzema netted a goal. The whole stadium cheered and Deschamps was seen jumping with excitement and satisfaction. In no less than two minutes, Benzema netted another goal for the team. A neat header assisted by Griezmann.

In the 75th minute, an elite Pogba goal and celebration was witnessed worldwide. France led the match with one goal and the Swiss team seemed stressed. At the moment. Haris Seferovic came saving the team with a score of 3-2 in the 81st minute. It was a splendid header, assisted by Mbabu. In a matter of nine minutes, Switzerland showed how determined they were to win the match. This determination, at the last minute with the clock ticking, was shown by Mario Gavranovich. The ball met his feet and the goal was scored skillfully. Xhaka, the proud captain couldn’t let go of Mario, who brought Switzerland to an equal footing with the FIFA winners of 2018. Pavard tried scoring in the extra minutes but the touch of Sommer’s hand was enough to stop the ball from going inside the goal-post. Then came the penalty time; France chose Pogba, Giroud, Marcus, Presnel and Mbappe. Switzerland chose Mario, Fabian, Manuel, Ruben and Admir. When Admir scored, all thought Mbappe will score and the match will have another round of penalties. But Mbappe missed the penalty and half of the stadium rose into boisterous cheering for the Swiss team. Switzerland ran to celebrate with the fans but Xhaka went and shoved the manager (Petkovic) with excitement.

The match was sure a historical one. This is what football is, anything can happen. Tweets broke out saying:

  • “If someone asks you why you like football, show them France vs Switzerland EURO, 2021.”
  • “France vs Switzerland has to go down in history.”
  • “You can see the pure joy in the expression Sommer’s and Xhaka’s.”
  • “France and Kylian will come back stronger.”
  • “It is a fact that when the stadium has fans, football gets interesting.”

Kylian also said- “I am sorry for the penalty. I wanted to help the team but I missed.”

He stated a very true point also- “Finding sleep will be difficult but it is, unfortunately, the fate of this sport that I love so much.”

France is knocked out of the EURO 2021 and Switzerland is going to play Quarter-finals with Spain.



Author- Zarqa Javed is an international soccer blogger on TOI and is a class 8th student of St.Thomas’ Sr.Secondary Girls School, Mandir Marg New Delhi. The comments/ feedback on the article is welcome on email- zaqfootballmania@gmail.com

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