By Gowtham K

Chennai 4 July : In the Sathankulam town of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu P Jeyaraj, 58, and his son Fenix, 38, died on 22 June, two days after being released from police custody. They had been arrested for allegedly keeping their store open past permitted hours during the coronavirus lockdown. The incident gained the attention of the worldwide social and human right activists. Father and his son were held all night at the Sathankulam police station in the town of Tuticorin .There were tortured   physically and assaulted sexually   inside the lockup. Both died within two days after being released.

As per the reports, it is suspected  RSS is behind the government’s commitment to take action against the Sathankulam policemen but  locals  alleged that friends of police (FOP)  were also present during the arrest of Jayaraj and Fenix. There arises a question as ‘who are  these friends of police’?

FOP was first created by Mr. Pradeep V Philip SSP of Ramanathapuram. Many school and college students seeking employment in the police force were recruited into the system for training and help policemen. Currently there are 15 to 20 FOP members in all police stations in Tamil Nadu.

There are 34 FOP district coordinators across Tamil Nadu. FOP members engage in night patrols, road traffic management, security measures, and blood transfusions. In recent times, they have been involved in criminal prosecutions and the capture of curfew vehicles.

On June 29, the FOP administration announced via Facebook that four FOP members who were present in the Sathankulam station during massacre were actually not the registered members of FOP but some random helpers of police. The question then arises who were the four men (Ganapathi, Kannan, Jacob, Elisa) present during the torture of Jayaraj and Fenix at the Sathankulam police station. If they are not from FOP then the question is which organization they belong to and what was their role in this lockup murder?

Sources say that some of them belonge  to the “Seva Bharati” organization. Due to which many fear that infiltration is happening within the police department. Even the neighbor shopkeepers of Sathankulam allege that many volunteers of FOP who were recruited are the infiltrators from right wing  organizations like Seva Bharathi.

 If so what is the true relationship between FOP and Seva Bharati?. “Seva Bharati” is an RSS’ affiliate. which has its  headquartered in Chennai. Their website says there are 2,500 volunteers in the “Seva Bharati” organization in Tamil Nadu. All these Seva volunteers in the name of FOP interfere in law and order along with policemen.

“The Chief Minister and Home secretary who controls the police department must definitely check such infiltration to avoid social chaos“as suggested by Pachai Tamizhagam party.

 Recently in UP, the RSS inspired “Hindu Yuva Vagini” in guised as “Police Mitra” beat Muslims and Christians in the name of maintaining  law .There is a growing suspicion that the “Seva Bharati” outfit in Tamil Nadu which  is in the limelight  also doing the same.

Some social media accounts who support BJP and follow PM of India found justifying the murder of Jayaraj and Fenix and added that those who spread Christianity will end up tortured and killed in lockup like Jayaraj and Fenix.


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