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Thousands of miles away from Iran and other countries of the middle east where Qasem Soleimani an Iranian military officer who served in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was a revered figure, dozens of people from civil society and media organisations gathered in India’s capital city New Delhi to commemorate his death anniversary organised by The Leaders Media.

The speakers at the occasion asserted that Soleimani was a crucial figure in the battle against ISIS and his keenness to maintain a good relationship with India.

Qamar Agha, a well-known strategy and defence expert highlighted Soleimanis life as a military figure who did not go to any formal military school but was self-trained in the science of warfare and had emerged as a military leader after the Iranian Revolution

“Initially America had given a free hand to ISIS in the entire Middle East region but after the terrorist organisation went out of control and became an independent organisation, Americans became hostile to it but still wanted it to exist since the terrorist organisation was fighting anti-American governments in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.” Qamar Agha stated.

“During this period America also tolerated General Qasim Soleimani as it believed that Soleimani would ensure that ISIS did not become stronger. However, Soleimani became intolerable to the US because he was negotiating peace with Saudi Arabia, which could minimise the American role in the region. And hence he was killed by the American drones.” Agha added.

Others in the gathering spoke at length about Soleimanis’ contribution to India’s Iranian long-term friendly and how he played an instrumental role in the safe return of Indian nurses who ISIS kidnapped in Tikrit in 2014.

Sajjad Hussain a political leader from the Ladakh region of India recalled how the then Foreign Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj Praised the Iranian General’s role in safely evacuating the Indian nurses.

” Qasim Soleimani played a major in ensuring that the terrorists belonging to ISIS did not cause any harm to nurses and also safely ensuring their return to India. Sushma Swaraj praised General Soleimani’s role in negotiating their return.” Sajjad said

“It was not just the Indian nurses, had Qasim Soleimani not held back ISIS, it would have also made an entry into India, it was for people like Soleimani who ensured neutralisation of the terrorist organisation so that it could not expand its fangs beyond the Middle East,” Hussain added.

Other speakers in the meeting also recalled how several defence experts and people from the Indian military establishment credited Soleimani’s role in ensuring India- Iran relations over Iran-China relations. And how during his presence, Iran never signed any big deal with China.


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