By Aariz Imam

INC stands for Indian National compromise. That’s what it is. Right from its birth Congress has always been a compromise of ideologies. People of different ideologies entered into a compromise and brought together an outfit to collectively fight on their behalf to secure independence from the common enemy – the British, and to secure independent, traditional and vested interests. That was the original statement of purpose for the constitution of the party, the INC. So right from its birth Congress represented a body compromise between the Hindu revivalists, the ultra right, the saffron fascists, the liberals, the socialists, the communists, the centralists and so on.

However after independence when there was no common enemy, the parties to the compromise found it absolutely unnecessary and pointless to stay in that compromise any further. The result of this realisation was a growing disenchantment with the INC and constitution of new political parties catering to original unadulterated and traditional interests. All this time when the parties to the Indian National Compromise reneged, apparently reducing the size and shape of the decorated party, interestingly and for the good the real nature of INC was also getting revealed one less veil after another.

On the other hand the galaxy of startups founded by actors who dissociated themselves from the compromise were making significant gains. 74 years later this Compromise finally appears to have been put to rest – in peace, and what has remained of the INC is its real and natural self.

Also the actors who had been in the compromise for far too long are breathing in free air now. In this backdrop its a matter of great amusement to hear the claims that INC has gone week. Has it ? Do you grow weak when you come out of toxic relationships ? Do you grow weak when you severe an unnatural growth from your body ? Do you grow weak when you abort a compromise ? The question is for you to answer yourself.

Now think about this what is left of the INC in its present bare minimum form? Who has stayed all along with the INC? Who has not deserted the party? Who did not associate with INC as a compromise? At the behest of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, it were the Muslims who trusted INC beyond the boundaries of compromise, as a true secular outfit.

INC since the time of its birth and the circumstances it was born in was destined to reach the status which it has acquired today. The grand compromise was destined to fall apart. It was only a matter of time. However it’s not bad for the INC, howsoever people make it look like. In the falling apart of INC’s bond of compromise lies the exposure of the true nature of India’s freedom struggle. It’s a living testimony to the fact that during the freedom struggle Indians came together only as a temporary arrangement. This knowledge of hindsight should serve as the guiding light for people concerned with shaping INC’s future.

However the leadership at the helm of affairs in INC seem to have no clue of their organizational history. When they should have been busy proactively expediting the identification of whatever remains of the vested interest and ending INC’s compromise with those actors, they are desperately trying to keep INC’s portfolio of compromise intact.

Worse more after having come so far once again they are desperately trying to fall back into a compromising situation with people of all hues and shades. The result is a pendulum swing from right of the centre evident in its peddling of softer Hindutva and competitive communalism to the left of centre visible in campaign against crony capitalism.


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