How to be prepared for Corona?

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By Dr. Yosef Jamal

The entire country’s health infrastructure has come under the assault of the coronavirus. The news channels are flashing numbers and statistics 24×7. The situation has indeed become very worrisome but we need to give our 100% and be prepared for this disease.

The following are some of the most effective tips and methods that one should follow to be prepared and ready in worst case scenario if God forbid they contract the virus:

1) Perform steam inhalation atleast thrice a day. Its a fairly simple method of killing the virus. The virus primarily enters the body through our nose and mouth and gets lodged in tiny spaces and paranasal sinuses (small air filled cavities in skulls that communicate with nasal cavity), where only steam can reach and thus kill the virus.

2) Breathing exercises should be performed every day at any given time that’s comfortable. They need not be complicated. Simple exercises like taking in as much air as possible, holding your breath for 15-20 seconds and then exhaling can be performed. One can also purchase a respirometer and practise deep breathing. It is commonly advised to patients a few days prior to any surgery in order to increase their lung capacity.

3) Vitamin C and Vitamin D supplementation is recommended because of their antioxidant properties that help body fight back the inflammation caused by the virus. Vitamin C is available in form of cheap Limcee tablets that can be consumed once a day whereas Vitamin D is available in form of calcirol sachets. It is advised to consume once such sachet with a glass of water or milk once a week only.

4) Physical exercise is a must. In a study conducted by researchers at São Paulo State University (UNESP), Brazil, in a review article published in Frontiers in Endocrinology, the authors stress that there is an “urgent need” to recommend physical activity during the pandemic. These exercises should be such that you break a sweat. One shouldn’t over exert themselves in the process. Those who are confined in small spaces can skip or hop at one spot. Those who have arthritis or any other joint related ailments can sit and exercise with their upper body. The idea is to be more active than your usual daily sedentary lifestyle.

5) Drink plenty of fluid to stay hydrated. It’s often recommended to stay well hydrated when suffering from a flu.

That was all about how to stay prepared for worst case scenario.


As recommended by the protocols recently issued by King George’s Medical University, Lucknow, mildly symptomatic patients whose oxygen saturation is above 94% should follow the given treatment :

Advice the patient to perform prone ventilation, which basically means to assume the position of ‘sajda’ as performed in salah/namaz. If the patient cannot do that then he/she can be advised to lie with belly down and keep a pillow under the hip region. This method helps open up the air spaces in the basal lobes of the lungs that are most often inflamed in Covid19.

If in case your patient is breathless then hospitalisation becomes necessary.


From 1st May, 2021 onward countrywide vaccination centres will open up for everyone above the age of 18 years. THE BEST CHANCE TO PROTECT OURSELVES FROM CORONAVIRUS IS THE VACCINE.


The vaccines for SARS-CoV2 are all safe. These do not prevent the infection but they limit the severity of the infection to a very mild variant which might not even require any intervention. It’s like BCG vaccine that is given at birth for tuberculosis. It doesn’t prevent tuberculosis but it prevents any severe form of the disease and limits its spread in the body which makes the disease easily manageable.

Those with allergies need not hesitate from taking the vaccine. After the vaccine is administered the person in monitored for half an hour before being sent back home. The vaccination centres will also keep a shot of adrenaline injection prepared if anyone starts developing any sign of allergic reaction.

So it’s absolutely imperative that everyone gets vaccinated and don’t give heed to all the rumours and baseless fear mongering done by those members of the community who are less informed or are simply too ignorant. The vaccines are not part of any international conspiracy by big pharma or any hidden powers! They are perfectly halal! Allah swt has laid immense stress how important it is to preserve life.

We all understand that it is the Holy Blessed month of Ramadan but we must remain vigilant. Please refrain from going to mosque for evening prayers/’taraweeh’. Allah doesn’t demand our life. He only wants us to have complete faith in Him.

Help those in need. Stop watching the news. We are at war with this pandemic and we shall overcome if we show concern for not only our lives but also lives of other people. Help people of different faiths. World might want to label us anything or call us ‘Corona bombs’ or ‘Corona jihad’ but we shall always maintain dignity and help everyone. We should understand this perfectly that all of us will have to answer to Him in His court on the day of Judgment and we wouldn’t like the Angels narrating to Him that we did nothing to protect or help the world while everyone was running from one hospital to another to buy few more breath of air for their loved ones.

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