By Haider Abbas

There were two more debates to go between US president Donald Trump and Joseph Biden in a run-up to the US November 2020 elections when suddenly the world came to a standstill, as a news that Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump have both tested Corona Virus positive, reported BBC on October 2, 2020 1, anyone howsoever mighty or powerful can be positive in this age of pandemic , but the news has assumed extreme-importance, particularly, when Simpson Cartoon, had shown him dead lying in a coffin!  However, it has also come to light that The Simpsons have denied any such prediction reported News18 on August 28, 2020 2 , but the entire world is scrambling to find out, if the cartoon attributed to Simpson, though wrongly, is true? As Simpson is credited to have predicted in advance all the coming events, be that was September 11, 2001 incident or the latest Beirut blasts of August 4, 2020, or predicting Trump winning the US elections in 2000.  There have been as many as 23 of its predictions to have come true in recent times, reported TheSun.Co.UK on October 2, 2020 3, thus, making it gain an acronym a La Nostradamus.

The Trump position has for surely left three options to be probed, he may have abandoned out of fear to stomach the courage to face Joseph Biden in the next two debates, or he may have played his trump card to garner the popular sympathy vote but despite all it is wished that Trump may get well soon. It may however be also stated that Trump had recently fixed his own US establishment saying ‘Pentagon, wants war to keep the contractors happy’, as was reported by BusinessStandard on September 8, 2020 4.  The third option is to find out what may be the truth behind Trump and his wife under quarantine, which therefore, may be unveiled after when Trump might win, as the probability of the second-wave-of-COVID-19 is now to gain more in size, and more specifically when its predilection has come from Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu who has out-rightly said that the next lockdown, in the wake of the second-wave, would last for one year, reports from TimesofIsrael on September 30, 2020 ,informs.

No sooner the news of Trump came, US Dollar is said to have started to rally against Euro and falling against Yen, informed SputnikNews on October 2, 2020 6 as the world has again become jittery as to what is coming next! The world oil prices have also gone down by 2% and US shares have also started to go into a downward toil. Owing to Trump age, which is 74 years and weight, might add to complication debated    TheGuardian on October 2, 2020 7 and while Trump was in his ‘aggressive campaign’ despite US army not in support of him, as was highlighted by ForeignPolicy article on September 9, 2020 8 , through an article ‘Trump is losing support among the troops’ , he has been made to isolate himself from the world. All this is adding to the conspiracy theorists to have called-it-a-day for Trump! But, nevertheless, the argument that when Trump himself could not save his self how come will he save US? This is adding a further drop into his popularity while the elections are just shying towards their end. The next two-debates are all likely to be put-off, which ironically, Trump was looking ahead in a victory mode and had refused for change in rules, in the next debates,  like shutting-off mics as the ‘first match-up was marred by constant interruptions and outbursts’ told on October 2, 2020 .

But, a counter-narrative is also emanating from China which has been embroiled with US, quite extensively, from the beginning of this year over allegations for the spread of COVID-19, as an article from The Global Times on October 2, 2020 10 mocked Trump over his so-called-position on Corona Virus, when the pandemic had broken out.  ‘Trump’s positive test result quickly renewed many Chinese netizen’s memories of Trump’s  “laissez-faire” attitude toward virus control and mask wearing, which have been proven by the WHO as effective methods to reduce the spread. He even mocked Biden for wearing a mask during the first presidential debate on September 30’.

‘His constant claims that he “knows better than anyone” about the virus has also won him the nickname “Dongwang”  ̶ the King of I-know-it-all-in China. The topic of Trump and his wife’s positive test results had attracted more than 230 million views on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform, within one hour. Now that the US president himself has contracted the virus, alongside the fact that the US leads the world with confirmed coronavirus cases and the “most chaotic presidential debate” only a few days ago, this year’s presidential election has truly become the “most absurd in US election history’. But, the ‘US Trump’s positive test result for ”the SARS-CoV-2 virus” will possibly favor him if he recovers before the election, as it (would )make him the sole focus of the US political circle as the election date looms only one month away. In addition, it will help him silence the voices of others, Chinese observers predicted, noting the infection may help Trump better control the narrative.

‘All election campaigning activities have been suspended until he recovers, and he will use this opportunity to draw all the attention and spotlight he can during this time, in this way, voices from Joe Biden, Trump’s Democratic rival, will be silenced, exerting a heavy blow on the Democratic Party. What’s more, the situation will favor Trump if he recovers before the election, as some swing voters will likely show sympathy toward him (and ) a quick recovery from the virus could serve as solid prove that septuagenarian Trump is still in good health and capable of leading the country for another four years’.

 The view from China might sustain as the floating-voters are likely to vote for Trump as this way Trump will consider winning the elections by just-lying-down-on-bed, hence, in post November 2020 elections Trump is supposedly yet again going to emerge as victorious, and will this time more forcefully implement the lockdown all over the whole world as a part of the purported coming of ‘second-wave’, a La Bill Gates agenda.

How will China, which is engaged in sabre rattling with US its South China Sea, since June 2020, going to position itself vis-à-vis US is for the world to see as it is only China which is seeing eye-to-eye as a rising super-power with the erstwhile Russia on its side.
Meanwhile, Berry Sheerman, British MP, has called for Trump’s bluff through his twitter. ‘Are we sure President Trump and his wife have Coronavirus. Has it been verified by any independent medical expert? The level of distrust is awful but there has been so much fake health news from this man’ 11
The writer is a former State Information Commissioner, India. He is a media analyst and writes on international politics. 












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