By Sufi Roshan

“Fascism is a plague and there are symptoms. So, I think it is important to tip off about that.” these are the words of former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

It is important to note things from the lens of a person who is living in banana democratic country of India and have been witnessing similarities between Fascism of Italy & ‘Hinduvta’ in India. While some People believe that fascism in India is beginning, it should be noted that ‘Hinduvta’ practices are becoming more puissant than ever before with the induction of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of the country in 2014. It is also known that most of the state person & PMO himself is former RSS karsevak. Which is an organization which was founded by a group of men that were obsessed with Mussolini’s practices throughout the early 1900’s, the RSS became pushy for their widespread propaganda of Hindu supremacism and started translating their ideology into clothing. Also known as Hindutva ideologies, the RSS have amassed millions of volunteers that are willing to do whatever is necessary to promote purity and preservation of Hindu’s in India by wearing saffron themes.

From hate for minorities and considering them inferior to calling women from majority to produce more children to keep their civilization and culture alive, RSS led Nationalist government is trying best to imitate Fascism from Italy. It is Widely known that Mussolini & Hitler harbored deep hate for Jews & communist in citizens of Italy and Germany just like people of Hindu Nationalist have for Dalits and Minority communities.

‘And now the painting of clothing ….’
Following Mussolini’s black shirt movement RSS led Nationalist government has turned saffron into ‘Hinduvta’ brand color, RSS adopted the saffron flags, saffron gamchas, saffron kurtas, saffron waist coats as they own them to encompass masses.

The BJP floods cities during its rallies with saffron just like the Mussolini did. In January, when Matter of Hijab erupted in India especially in the state of Karnataka, young students were seen carrying saffron-colored flags and matching scarves ( gamcha) as their target was teenage girls in hijab who remain huddled in the corner of street. On the occasion of Babri Masjid’s Bhumi Pujan , in Gondha of New Delhi- A Hindu house hosted saffron flag to celebrate the construction of temple where Babri Masjid once stood. In February 2020 before the North East Delhi riots saffron flags were put up on in the neighboring areas to recognize Hindu homes. In Karnataka’s Udupi district saffron shawl March were organized Against the female students wearing hijab.

A uniform or color is not just a symbol of an organization but also of what the organization represents. The current scenario in India has many similarities with the European style fascism which led the world into a mess and made second class citizens.

Indeed, painting their attires into saffron is a forecast to bring masses to identify themselves under one uniform and themes likewise Mussolini and Hitler.

An old saying ‘God made men, tailor made them gentlemen’

A new chronology which drives saying ‘Brahmanical Gods made upper cast men, and fascists made them bhagwadhari gentlemen’.


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