By Mumin Ahmad Khan I  Abdullah

Violence or different discriminatory practices are being practiced ever since the concept of wealth, status, and prestige was understood. People at the higher-ups have to discriminate so as to meet the expectations of their position. Likely, religious community-based violence is deeply rooted in every human society worldwide in the form unequal division of power, social status and inequality on the basis of socio-political, economic level. It has become part of noteworthy human rights violations in the world today. In this religious and racial based violation and discrimination, the most preferred is being given to minority communities especially in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, America, and other western countries. In the America the racial discrimination is a serious human rights problem. A recent example on the basis of race is the killing of George Floyd in America. Because it is the fact that from the various governmental and non-governmental reports and studies shows that the most victims of violence and discrimination have been minority people, it is true, as par the situation we cannot deny the world is going towards the majoritarian rule. Nowadays, every ruler of the world wants to continue to hold their sovereignty for a long duration on the basis of religion, race, caste and etc.

In India, Delhi Violence became another suppression for the Muslim community. While the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) party won the Parliamentary election in 2014 with the slogan of “SABKA SATH, SABKA VIKAS” but in reality, usually the Muslims were targeted and lynched by the Hindu mob in the name of cow slaughters and tasting the nationality across the country. In the Lok sabha election 2019, BJP started their campaign again with new slogan “SABKA SATH, SABKA VIKAS, SABKA VISHWAS” after getting the majority in election and addressed the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) meeting Prime Minister Shri Nareindra Modi said “Minority community used as a vote bank and lived with fear from last 70 years” in this country but Delhi massacre giving a different indication. According to national and international media and other agencies reported that the culpability of BJP leaders, especially on Kapil Mishra and Union Minister Anurag Thakur and others who contributed to the violence that has led to around 49 people were killed and more than 400 were injured including many innocent persons mounted to death, an 85 years old Akbari burned alive in her home. The Hindu nationalist mobs targeting and looted Muslim properties. They vandalized the mosques and they hoisted the saffron flags on the mosque’s Minar with chanting “JAI SREE RAM, BHARAT MATA KI JAI”. Three mosques burned and rioters torched several schools, shops, houses, and vehicles even they burned a house of BSF Jawan Mohd Anees, later he said in an interview with BBC () “I proud to be an Indian and India is a very beautiful country”. Many demonstrations were going on in various parts of the country against the disputed Citizenship Amendment Act. Delhi riots started when BJP leaders accused the hate speeches mainly of Kapil Mishra and Ragini Tiwari warned to the police for vacating the road those who were protesting and sitting on the road near the Jafrabad Metro station in East Delhi.  Let me call that 2020 Delhi’s biggest communal riot since 1947. A narrative created by the politician that communal acts of violence using as a laboratory, no-politician came forward to appealing for maintaining the peace whatever ruling party’s leader or opposition leaders while we have a great example of Nehru when he was jumping into crowds and tried to stop the violence during the 1950s riot in Delhi.

Most of the intellectuals and historians were checking the history of the Gujarat pogrom of 2002. When Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat during that massacre in which 1000 victims claimed a majority of whom were Muslims. The several Hindu-Muslim riots happened in India following the same pattern such as in November, 1966 anti-cow slaughter agitation where 8 people were died and about 100 were injured. According to State Bureau Reports which was published in India Today (5 Dec, 2011), during the violation of Babri Mosque demolition there were 1000 peoples died and thousands of injured in 1992 among them the majority of people was from Muslim community.

In case of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), ruling party BJP says, there are so many rumors spread against Muslims by opposition party’s leaders while Govt. ensure that no Muslim will be affected through this act, by then what steps were taken by BJP to clear this confusion? There are so many such questions comes in mind. How will BJP win the trust of their minority in India? While a large number of people protested against the disputed Citizenship Amendment Act for more than 100 days across the country, no mediator appointed by the Indian government. In this response, two times gun shouter had reached protest sites Shaheen Bagh and Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi.

In the justification of the Citizenship Amendment Act, Government says we will give Citizenship to all Minorities who persecuting by three neighboring countries Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh based on religion. But the situation of Muslims, Dalits, Adivasis, is bad whether it is in the matter of education or economy and even they struggle for their identity since 1947, why no concrete steps have been taken for these people now? Why are all the secular political in the country silent on the atrocities specially on Muslims? Even Prime Minister, Home Minister, 7 MPs of Delhi, and MLAs didn’t come forward to stop violence which occurred in Delhi. The credibility of India now under questioning by the comments of other countries, national and international, News Channels Newspapers, Journals, and Magazines were giving responses to the Delhi riots. Such as;

Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan said on Turkish Radio and Television Corporation “India right now has become a country where massacres are widespread what massacres? They are committing massacres against Muslims who are doing it Hindus are doing it? They beat students with iron sticks until they die. How these people maintain peace? And support it, it’s impossible”. (Source:, retrieved on 16 January, 2021)

The New York Times in its report entitled The Roots of the Delhi Riots: A Fiery Speech and an Ultimatum stated that, “Many Indians, including Hindus, believe that Mr. Kapil Mishra and his Hindu nationalist supporters have weaponized a very dangerous mood. In a Hindu majority nation, with a Hindu nationalist government that has allowed the killers of Muslims to go unpunished, fear has been growing that violent Hindu extremism could spin out of control.”

Another report in the same newspaper underscored the involvement of the Delhi Police: “Witnesses have said that police officers, under the command of a Hindu nationalist governing party that has a long history of vilifying Muslims, intentionally stood back and let Hindu mobs slaughter Muslim civilians.” A victim told to VICE (is a news media portal group), “The police threw stones at us along with the mob and did nothing to stop them. We are at their mercy.” A common sentiment expressed by several publications was that the Delhi violence had destroyed India’s international image as a democracy tolerant of multiple faiths and sub-cultures.

Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee writes his views about Delhi riot on opinion page on Al Jazeera on Feb, 2020, entitled In Delhi, imaginary knives have now become real ones observed that if the peaceful anti-CAA protests across India showed that “we have the democratic, moral and intellectual legitimacy to question laws passed by the government, the anti-Muslim riots in the national capital have crushed that hope”.

Gulf News editorial reported on 27 Feb, 2020, “The world knows India as a land of diversity with hundreds of sects and religions, languages and innumerable cultures. India is a multicultural land in the most basic sense of the word. But the images of the past week have grotesquely disfigured that narrative.”

There are so many questions affecting in mind by Delhi violence when Kapil Mishra gave three days Ultimatum to Delhi police to clear the road which was blocked by Anti-CAA Protesters at Jafrabad (near Seelampur). Why no immediate action was taken against Kapil Mishra and no attempts was made to stop the riots soon? While same day the most powerful president of the world Donald Trump was in India. In Delhi, police came under the home ministry of the government of India, civil administration functioning under the Delhi government. The role of Delhi police highly under destruction in a viral video when police beat to 4-5 people and pressurized to them for chanting “Vande Matram and Bharat Mata ki Jay” and “You wanted freedom, we will fulfill your wish for freedom”. What should be the act of police administration in this crucial situation implies? Through this attitudes of Delhi Police, the government is also questioned. Cops were committed to neutrality as a function to maintain law and order as a professional imperative. The timing of the judge transfer order raises doubts in such crucial time when the credibility of the state was facing a serious crisis.

In the world largest democracy that types of incidents and activities is the matter of concern. The slogan “Sabka Sasth Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas” given by BJP in the last parliamentary election is being absolutely idle and failing to win the trust of India’s largest minority community. AMU students and other Indian Muslims were expected that PM Modi will talk about the atrocities against Muslims in the protest of Citizenship Amendment Act, NRC and Delhi riots on the occasion of the centenary celebration on 22 Dec, 2020 at Aligarh Muslim University, but they did not discuss it. In the near future, if the government of India and the government of different states do not take any strong and appropriate actions against such types of anti-social elements then it will be very dangerous for the sovereignty, integrity, and diversity of our country.


Mumin Ahmad Khanis is  Research Scholar, Department of Islamic Studies Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.Email Id:

Khan Abdullah is Research Scholar, Department of Sociology Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

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