Monday, January 30, 2023
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Argentina ‘disgraced’ England before it mauled France 4-2 to win FIFA-2022

By Haider Abbas FIFA world cup rendezvous has ended in Qatar. Argentina drubbed France in the finals 4-2 in a nail-biting penalty shootout, but what is important is the way Argentina used the forum in context to its  ‘geo-politics’ as...

Japan announces big military push

By Asad Mirza @AsadMirzaND After Germany, Japan becomes the second country to overhaul its military in the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine war and increasing Chinese belligerence. It seems as if the Russia-Ukraine indirectly and the Chinese belligerence in the region directly has...

The Hindutva threat outside India

By Paul Marshall INDIA is the world’s largest democracy, and its constitution enshrines secularism, but leaders in the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party espouse an ideology called “Hindutva” — loosely translated “Hinduness” but often called “Hindu nationalism.” The party is linked...

How Dr Mahathir sent his two protégées to jail

By Asif Ullah Khan For we lived so well so long Still, when I think of the Road we're traveling on I wonder what's gone wrong I can't help it, I wonder what has gone wrong. Sitting in a lonely cell at the Kajang Prison...

Stubborn Taliban

By Asad Mirza @AsadMirzaND The manner in which the Taliban have been able to retain power in Afghanistan and their latest decisions show that to save millions of Afghanis from impoverishment and death, international community will have to adopt a new...

Our inalienable rights as citizens are being threatened: Frank F Islam

Given below is the text of speech  Frank F Islam delivered before the august audience on 2022 DCCC reception and dinner opening. *** Good evening. My name is Frank Islam. On behalf of my wife Debbie and our co-host Congressman Jamie...

India to keep ‘hawk-eyes’ after the regime-change in Pakistan

By Haider Abbas The three immediate fallouts of the regime change in Pakistan, after PM Imran Khan was sent packing on April 11, are that there may be renewed US attacks on Afghanistan, via Pakistan, a full-stop to China-Pakistan Economic...

Will India find ‘a place’ at G-7 Summit? By

By Haider Abbas The forth-coming G-7 Summit is to be organized in Germany in the coming month of June, and India, as it was quite expected, is likely to be given a cold-shoulder as there are already signals that India...

Will Philippines shoot down ‘BrahMos’ deal?

By Haider Abbas India had every reason to celebrate when Philippines had decided to import India’s missile BrahMos, after a 375 million USD deal on January 28, in what was termed as a great boost and the ‘first of its...

Servant of the Deep State: Is Zelensky a Double Agent?

By Nauman Sadiq Amidst Russia’s impending Ukraine invasion last month while the rest of the world was panicking, there was one man with nerves made of steel who was as stoically calm and nonchalant as a monk meditating amidst an...


Anti CAA protests : Breaking the stereotypes of Muslim women

By Adeeba Hussain The resilience and fortitude are the most appropriate words for today's Muslim women. Muslim women have been victim both within the community...