Friday, October 15, 2021
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Why inspite of 54 years since Naxalbari uprising today the party and revolutionary movement...

By Harsh Thakor In spite of 54 years since the epic naxalbari uprising and formation of the CPI (ML) the movement is hardly moving in the direction to re-organise the party. A series of conflicting and opportunist trends and theoretical weaknesses...

Way to Empowerment is Through Multi-Faith Grassroots Alliance Building 

Dr. Shaik Ubaid I had a “eureka moment”  yesterday while watching the movie about Malcolm X and Mohammad Ali-One night in Miami. It is based on some history but the night itself is fictionalized. As many of you know I...
Rape culture in India

Women Insecurity and Rape Culture in India

By Arif Rashid Malik Women Security is one of the formidable and onerous challenges for world right now. In spite of the fact that the slogans of 'empowering women' are being raised with great clamor in the world. It is...

Can we talk less?

By Prem Singh (1) It is a well-known truth about civilization that a person deeply immersed in philosophy, spirituality, religion, science, art, literature, other diverse disciplines of study, or even in independent study etc. is prone to less verbal articulations i.e....

Why we need Digital Detox

By Bilal Ahmad Dar Cell phones are so convenient that they’re an inconvenience. Haruki Murakami Technology, as we know, has transformed our life. It has made things easy for us. It has lessened the humdrum of our day to day life...

Mahatma Gandhi, race and caste

By Ram Puniyani During the course of agitation ‘Black lives matter’ some protestors defaced the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in US. Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of Indian Nation, has the unique distinction of leading the biggest ever mass movement in...


Padma Kuppa denounces concerns about Indian Muslim oppression

By Pieter Friedrich In November 2016, Padma Kuppa reported how she was “left flabbergasted” when, while organizing a seminar about persecution of Hindus in South Asia, “someone...

Russia-US Rapprochement?