Monday, January 30, 2023
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Mohan Bhagwat: Distorted History-Sectarian Agenda

By Ram Puniyani In a series of lectures in Vigyan Bhavan in 2018 Mohan Bhagwat spoke in a language due to which many insiders and many commentators outside the Sangh felt that it is a major moment for RSS and...

Hindutva fascism go global

By Dr Aslam Abdullah Hindutva is no longer a hate ideology against Islam and Christianity confined to India. Instead, it has become a global movement for racist supremacy of Hindu upper castes. What happened in Leicester, UK, Edison, NJ, Sydney,...

A historicity of Savarkar’s Rehabilitation Project

By Prof Shamsul Islam An aggressive campaign to rehabilitate VD Savarkar (1883-1966) as great Indian freedom fighters is under way. He is being touted as a legendary Indian nationalist, freedom fighter who spent 50 years in the Cellular Jail ....


Indian’s savings at peril : The new FSDR Bill 2019 may...

By Asad Mirza While the common man is trying to cope with daily financial woes for survival, due to the continued pandemic conditions affecting the...