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Hindu-Muslim Marriage and Application of Pluralism

By Rajat Sarki / Unsplash For a long time, Muslim men married women of the book–Jews, Christians, and Muslims (Abrahamic), while Muslim women rarely married outside Islam. Likewise, Hindus married only within their faith or sometimes to others from the...

Martyr Baldev Singh Mann who till his last breath strived for communal harmony

By Harsh Thakor On September 26th, we commemorated the 35th martyrdom anniversary of Comrade Baldev Singh Mann, who succumbed after waging a valiant battle against the Khalistani terrorism. On the night of 26th September, 1986 he fell to the bullets...

Promoting amity in times of ‘Hate’: Arrest of Faisal Khan

By Ram Puniyani In the process of formation of the nation one of the major pillars is the concept of Fraternity. The words, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity are flagship of French revolution, the revolution which overturned the feudal system, the...

Dubai hospital waives Rs 1.52cr Covid bill of a worker from Telangana

HYDERABAD — A hospital in Dubai has waived the Rs 1.52 crore bill of a labourer from Telangana, who was treated there for Covid-19. Odnala Rajesh, who was under treatment at the Dubai Hospital for 80 days, reached Hyderabad in the...


Fear and Coronavirus

By Raj Kumar Fear is known to be a natural, powerful and primitive human emotion involving a universal biochemical and individual emotional response. It alerts...