Friday, October 15, 2021
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Book – India’s Passage from Democracy to Despotism

India’s Passage from Democracy to Despotism

Fifty years After Naxalbari by Bernard De Mello

By Harsh Thakor I recommend everyone to read this classic book titled “India-50 after Naxalbari” by Bernard D’Mellow that most analytically assesses metamorphosis in India in post-naxalbari era of Naxalbari, Maoist movement and emergence of fascism in India. In the...

How Fascism Works

By T Navin Jason Stanley in the book titled ‘How fascism works: The politics of us and them’ describes fascist politics as characterized by ten aspects. The different headings under which it is discussed include: The mythic past, propaganda, anti-intellectual, unreality,...

Bill Gates new book on climate change : Target Net Zero by 2050

By Asad Mirza In his new book on Climate Change and its adverse impact in the future, Bill Gates urges everyone to remember two things: Net Zero and 2050. It seems as if, after having grappled with malaria, HIV, Ebola and...

Tsundoku:Buying books and not reading them!

By Bilal Ahmad Dar The worst thing about new books is that they keep us from reading the old ones: J. Joubert Book buying like other things is a passion. Academicians and students love to buy books. They have natural propensity...


Need of independent media in India

By Aarif Rashid Malik When media does not have freedom in any state or country, it is an indication of this thing: 'All is not...