By Gowtham K

 Registration of FIRs against yoga guru Ramdev for the claim of developing ayurvedic medicine to cure Covid-19 is said to be business rivalry among Godmens who are enjoying political patronage in the current regime.  In the FIRs, Ramdev and his four accomplices   have been accused of cheating and conspiring to sell fake medicines claiming to cure coronavirus following their claim clinical trials on Covid-19 patients. This has further fueled the enmity among the Indian Babas.  

 It is said Isha Yoga Center Jaggi Vasudev is planning to start an Ayurvedic college shortly. In order to gain publicity, Jaggi has planned to introduce vaccine for Covid-19 and anti-semiautomatic drugs soon. He had also discussed his plans with Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and also asked them to be his business partners to invest for a better outcome.

But Ramdev, who has already put the Patanjali Company on the market, has already overtaken the other two in business.  In this backdrop, Ramdev thought why he should take them on the board unnecessarily.  Therefore, he went one step  ahead and announced that he had “invented” a drug for Covid-19 and also introduced his brand of Coronal exchange, ‘Coronil Code’ in the name of preventing coronavirus. This claim of Covid drug of Ramdev which grabbed the attention of people across the nation has created bitterness in the mind of Jaggi.  Jaggi alleged that Ramdev had stolen his idea and FIRs were filed against Ramdev and his cronies.  This is the main reason of Jaggi Vasudev and Ravi Shankar coming together and they put pressure on the Modi government as they are also enjoying the patronage, to take action against Ramdev.

Ramdev had claimed on June 23 in Haridwar that the ‘Coronil tablet’, was the first ayurvedic medicine to cure Covid-19 as well as ‘Swasari Vati’ and ‘Anu Taila’ had shown “100 per cent favourable results” during clinical trials on Covid-19 patients.

 However, hours after the high-voltage launch of “Covid-19 medicines” by Ramdev’s Patanjali group in Haridwar on Tuesday, the Ministry of AYUSH has taken the cognizance of it and asked the group to refrain from publicising them.

In a notification, the AYUSH ministry said, it “has taken cognizance of the news being flashed in the media about ayurvedic medicines developed for treatment of Covid-19 by Patanjali Ayurved, Haridwar. Facts of the claim and details of the stated scientific study are not known to the ministry.”

It is hotly debated among the circles of Babas that five people, including the president of Patanjali, Ramdev, have also been charged with fraud due to the business tensions. FIRs have been registered in different parts of the country against them. This shows how these babas are deceiving    susceptible people by using their religious and political clout.  


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